For all Masjid matters EXCEPT Scouts, please call or text ‭‭07982 446062 ‬or email

For any questions relating to Purley Masjid Scouts, please call or text ‭07421 472600‬ or email

For any questions relating to Madrasah text only (no Calls) 07939 422947

Purley Masjid seeks to serve the purpose as a religious, spiritual, educational & community centre for the thriving Muslim population in and around Purley and the Borough of Croydon


07982 446062

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An invitation to everyone of all faiths and no faiths. Meet friends and neighbours. Regular activities and events for the community.
63 Whytecliffe Road South, Purley CR8 2AZ 
07982 446062
Madrasah enquiries only (WhatsApp Message only) 07939 422947

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